sisa marketing

Discovering customer needs through research

            Market research is a critical component that necessary to make good decisions. Our research services will give you a bigger picture of what is happening or expected to happen , we offer multiple and alternative for introducing new products, entering new markets or satisfying the consumer needs.

Types of Market research we offer at SISA

Primary research

            Our primary research methodology will help you find out new information, find answers to specific questions and find ways to achieve specific goals. it may include face-to-face surveys, telephone interviews or focus groups.

            Direct contact with people is valuable as it gives specific responses and feedback to the questions asked.

Qualitative and quantitative research

            Our Quantitative research interprets all information in a numeric way and presents them in graphs, tables or charts which can be used to analyse the information.

            Such research will help your organization to identify target customers segments and needs in numbers and percentage , while the qualitative feedback will tell you what of interest to consumers and what they wanted from your products and services, the research results can be used to re-evaluate the existing products and services and to decide on how to develop new features and benefits.

      Qualitative research provides information on consumer perceptions, such as:

  • How they feel about products and services?
  • what they like or do not like?
  • what they would want from a new product?