sisa marketing

Our Customer Service Training programs are suitable for professional organizations that aim to create a substantial influence to their company's image.

The training provided by SISA helps participants to exceed customers’ expectations through teaching them how to consistently go that extra mile.

We make the most of the training sessions and apply effective training methods such as role-plays and group activities; these techniques are excellent ways to deliver number of benefits for employees, management and also support people.

Our specialized training program will help your staff to:

  • Have the right skills to deliver exceptional customer service
  • Research and Plan to constantly improve customer service
  • Learn how to give the voice of the customer the necessary precedence
  • Improve essential communication skills to deliver exceptional customer service and uncover the customer's true needs by communicating and listening effectively
  • Understanding the value of internal customers
  • Converting prospects to customers by good sales techniques.
  • Converting new customers to loyal customers by providing exceptional customer service.

Important topics of our training sessions:

  1. Customer Service Excellence protocols & ideologies
  2. Understanding the needs of Customers
  3. Customer service and food handling etiquette
  4. Team Work principles, values and philosophies
  5. Phone handling etiquette
  6. Leadership skills (coaching , mentoring, delegating, directing and providing feedback)
  7. Problem solving fundamentals & negotiation skills.
  8. Managing Customer Expectations
  9. Handling Customer Complaints and dissatisfied customers
  10. Building Rapport & Showing Empathy
  11. First Impressions
  12. Communication Skills
  13. Maintaining loyal customers
  14. Time management skills
  15. Stress management techniques
  16. Assertiveness
  17. Professional image